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Today more than ever, we are aware of the benefits of purified water. Over the last several years the demand for pure drinking water has dramatically increased and sales of bottled water have exploded. But there is a better way to have pure drinking water in your home or office - a Better Water Reverse Osmosis System. The Better Water systems provides both an economical and environmentally sound answer to pure drinking water. No more overpriced bottles of water, no more plastic containers to go into landfills - just pure, safe drinking water right from your own faucet.

Better Water offers a complete line of water systems and supplies for the home and office, designed to fit your water treatment needs and budget. From under-the-counter "Point of Use" reverse osmosis units, to whole house water treatment and Iron Sulfur & Manganese removal systems, Better Water can provide the water treatment you need, with the service you want.

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NEW from Better Water!

Go Salt Free and Scale Free with Better Water's ProSeries AntiScale Water Filtration System! This unique system offers you an all-natural method of water filtration that will condition your water without a negative impact on the environment. Using a revolutionary process, the ProSeries AntiScale Water Filtration System eliminates the nasty effects of hard water without salt, wastewater, or electricity.

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • No Monthly Maintenance
  • No Slippery Feel
  • Third Party Tested and Certified
  • No Wastewater or Electricity
  • Simple Installation

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Drinking Water Systems - Ultra-Filter

Better Water offers two unique systems for drinking water treatment, both of which
utilize ultra-filters to filter out contaminants, chlorine, tastes, odors, particulates,
and micro-organisms from your water.  Each one has a 3-stage filtration process:
          Stage 1: Sediment Cartridge
          Stage 2: Activated Carbon Cartridge
          Stage 3: Hollow Fiber Ultra-Filter Cartridge

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Drinking Water System - Under The Counter RO System

UTC (Under The Counter) System

Our under-the-counter reverse osmosis systems provide you with pure RO drinking water at point of use - your sink. The Better Water UTC System is a 5 stage reverse osmosis unit that provides ultra-pure water for drinking and cooking. This 5-stage system will remove +99% of all organics and bacteria from your source water - leaving you with clean, safe, pure water.

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Automatic Water Conditioning System

The Better Water Automatic Water Conditioning System makes a clear difference throughout your home. Spot-free dishes, brighter and softer clothes, and the elimination of scale build-up on appliances are just a few of the ways our water conditioning system will work for you.

This system is easily programmed to meet your family's water needs. The demand-initiated regeneration saves you money on salt and water because the conditioner only regenerates when needed, based on your family's use.

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ISM (Iron, Sulfur, and Manganese) Removal System

Tired of dealing with water odors, stains, and rust? Then the Better Water ISM Removal System is your answer.

Our system removes iron, sulfur, and manganese. The unique micro-bubble oxygenation technology does all of this without chemicals. The system is low maintenance and offers a low operational cost combined with outstanding quality construction.

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Ultraviolet Sterilization for the Home and Office

Remove 99% of bacteria, micro-organisms, viruses, and parasites from your tap water with the Better Water UV Sterilizer.

Our compact design fits easily into your home or office setting. The Better Water UV Sterilizer is the chemical-free way to disinfect your tap water.

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Other Products

See the other products and solutions available to give you the quality water you deserve.

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