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Commercial-Industrial water systems

Industrial and commercial industries require high-quality water, produced in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Our team of experts understands that every project is unique. By using our DMP's (Decision Making Process), we can provide the most innovative, functional, and practical solution for your water quality needs.

Better Water will engineer a system that produces the water quality you need, while assisting you in controlling capital and operating costs. Our full line of commercial/industrial equipment and service includes:

  • Water System Design
  • Commercial Reverse Osmosis Units
  • Deionization
  • Carbons
  • Softeners
  • Consumables and Accessories
  • Service Agreements

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Better Water now offers three types of resion for commercial/industrial use:
     Resion 10MB - high capacity mixed bed resion for high purity, low TOC water applications
     Resion 15 - high capacity mixed bed resion for EDM applications
     Resion 22 - 10% crosslinked gel type polystyrene cation exchange resin for water softening/pure water applications

A great partner product for the resions mentioned above is the Cartridge Tank Filtration System for use in DI systems.  This utilizes a fiberglass tank that houses a replaceable Resin Cartridge.  Conventional DI systems utilize tanks that either have to be sent to a processing facility to be refilled or the resin must be extracted and refilled which can add operational time and labor costs.  These cartridges are simple, quick, and easy to change out, and can be used in a variety of applications.

Resion 10MB Brochure
Resion 15 Brochure
Resion 22 Brochure
Cartridge Tank Filtration System

CRO Series

CRO Series

The Better Water CRO Series is designed to provide high-purity water for industrial and commercial settings. The CRO Series, reverse osmosis machines, are engineered for durable operation, easy installation, and simple maintenance.

Standard features like 5 micron pre filter, automatic flush, pressure readings, and incoming, product, and reject water quick disconnects set our units apart from the rest.

CRO Brochure
CRO 2020-2436 Operator Manual

Service Deionization

Service Deionization

Better Water's SDI (Service Deionization) is an economical way for customers to produce high-purity water.

SDI requires no major capital investment and there is no handling of hazardous material. The Better Water SDI systems are designed to meet your water treatment needs based on flow, water quality requirements, and financial goals.

Only the highest-quality resins are used. Systems are custom designed for your application.

Deionization Overview Brochure

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